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In our 5-day teacher training course on Drama and Self-expression in education, we will discover the power of emotions and self-expression. Participants will be introduced creative methods of self expression and describing feelings. Part of the training is focused on mind-body connection, self-awareness and the awareness of others, mindfulness, self-esteem and confidence. During the sessions and workshops, we will use the power of drama when it comes to teaching a subject and will introduce to our participants essential drama tools to be used in a classroom environment. Because we all know that Drama as an educational tool has the capacity to enhance intercultural understanding, motivation, engagement and communication.


This training is mostly a practical one and all participants are expected to participate actively to the workshop exercises. By doing so, participants will acquire experience and knowledge on how to apply these methods in their own classroom. By the end of the training sessions, participants will develop a lesson plan in groups or individually by incorporating self-awareness and drama techniques and present their work to the group. 

By completing this course, participants will;


Discover the concepts of self-expression and self-awareness

Learn about mindfulness and how to practice it in a classroom environment 

Deepen their knowledge on whole-person learning and multi-sensory inputs 

Develop lesson plans by incorporating self-expression and drama techniques 

Implement new communication methods in classroom through drama 

Discover sensing the thoughts, feelings and experiences of others

Learn about appropriate tools to enhance students’ motivation  and engagement by using drama techniques

Gain ideas of how to engage students in drama and self-expression activities 

Learn how to use drama as a communicative approach: ’Fluency than accuracy’

Improve foreign language and communication skills through meeting with colleagues from different countries


Day 1 - Monday 

Welcoming and Introduction of the course programme

Presentation of participants

Ice-breaking activities 

What is drama in education?

Self expression and describing feelings 

Mind - body connection and expression 

The balance between physical and intellectual aspects of learning


Day 2 - Tuesday  

‘Drama is doing’

Self-awareness and the awareness of others, self-esteem and confidence

Whole-person learning and multi-sensory inputs 

Verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication

Role-play activities: exploring empathy through drama

Using drama as a communicative approach: ’Fluency than accuracy’ 

Role play exercises to model and/or observe new behaviours 

Sensing the thoughts, feelings and experiences of others: ‘In my shoes’ 


Day 3 - Wednesday 

Group discussion: How to involve students in drama activities and motivate them 

Various roles of teachers when applying drama and self-expression 

Introduction to mindfulness - what is it and how it can be applied in a classroom environment 

Planning and production of teaching materials; classroom resources, technological assistance 

Lesson planning using drama techniques, barriers in teaching various subjects with drama 

Challenges and how to overcome them - time limitations, physical space, materials and resources 


Day 4 - Thursday 

Group activity: Improvise a scene that expresses the topic or that might have happened in history

Drama and Soft Skills

Drama and Creativity, Improvisation: Collaborative Group Work

Creative writing and Storytelling as a way of self-expression and motivation in a classroom 

Acting in a classroom environment, responsibilities, empathy, tolerance, motivation and engagement

Participants will develop a lesson plan in groups or individually that incorporates any drama technique into a selected subject such as languages, maths, science, etc. 


Day 5 - Friday 

Exploring imagination and creativity 

Presentation of group/individual lesson plans and receive feedbacks 

Tips to apply drama techniques in your professional and daily life

Evaluation of the training course, discussion and feedbacks

Exchange of ideas for future collaborations at European level 

Certification of Attendance

Confirmation of EuroPass Mobility documents 

5 Day Course Fee per person: 400 € 


Total Price Includes; 

  • Administrative support before, during and after the training course 
  • Course and training materials
  • Certificate of Attendance 
  • Confirmation of Europass Mobility Certificate
  • Administrative and Organisational costs 
  • Coffee Breaks

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