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Student behavior management begins in the classroom. Our 5 -day teacher training course aims to provide teachers and school staff necessary tools to create a classroom community and values.
Creating positive and engaging classroom environment to manage conflicts and misbehaviour in classroom is essential when it comes to manage the behavioural problems at school.

We will focus on how to create and manage a purposeful, collaborative and challenging classroom learning, as well as social and physical environment. Spending meaningful time developing routines, developing systems, and, most importantly, focusing on community-building activities is key areas to be covered during the training sessions.

This course will also provides guidance on how to take a comprehensive approach to bullying prevention through the use of long-term, school-wide prevention strategies. Creating and managing opportunities for positive relationships and make commitments not to engage in bullying, students can establish a positive peer culture that makes a huge contribution to the school culture as a whole and will reduce bullying. Analysing the characteristics of bullies, learning best practices to avoid bullying and developing new strategies towards anti-bullying will be emphasised in this 5-day course.

Day 1 

Welcome introductions

Course Info

Ice Breaking Activities 

Conflict and Behaviour Management at School 

Day 2 

Conflict management, supportive learning

Positive and clear communication, active listening, group cohesion

Body & Mind learning, alternative forms of expression, emotional intelligence

Day 3 

Introduction to Bullying concept: What, Why, Where? 

Main actors involved in a bullying scenario Different forms of bullying 

The impact of bullying in general Well-Being and learning 

Self-expression, self-awareness and the role of drama in dealing with bullying 

Day 4 

Social and Emotional Learning as a way to tackle bullying 

Positive Psychology and Positive Education 

Mindfulness and creating safe learning environments 

Peer Meditation 

Day 5 

Three Interventions to Reduce Bullying in Schools 

How to keep motivation high

Simulation of lessons by course members, using skills and strategies acquired during the week

Round up of acquired competences, feedback, and discussion


5 Day Course Fee per person: 400 €  

Total Price Includes;  

- Administrative support before, during and after the training course 

- Course and training materials  

- Certificate of Attendance  

- Confirmation of Europass Mobility Certificate  

- Administrative and Organisational costs  

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