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8th-12th April 2024 (CONFIRMED) 

21st-25th October 2024 (CONFIRMED) 


This course focuses on harnessing the power of outdoor learning environments to promote social-emotional development and foster student well-being. Participants will delve into the theoretical foundations of social-emotional learning (SEL) and explore practical strategies for integrating outdoor experiences into their teaching practices. Through experiential learning, collaborative activities, and site visits, teachers will gain the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to create enriching outdoor learning experiences that support students' holistic growth. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped to foster a positive and inclusive classroom environment that nurtures social-emotional competencies and enhances the well-being of their students.


  1. Understand the theoretical framework and key concepts of social-emotional learning (SEL) and its significance education.
  2. Explore the benefits of outdoor learning for social-emotional development, well-being, and academic achievement among students.
  3. Acquire practical strategies and pedagogical approaches to integrate outdoor experiences effectively into daily teaching practice, fostering students' self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and social awareness.
  4. Develop skills in designing engaging and age-appropriate outdoor learning activities that align with curriculum objectives and promote social-emotional growth.
  5. Learn to adapt outdoor learning experiences to cater to diverse student needs and create inclusive learning environments that value and respect individual differences.
  6. Reflect on personal teaching practices and develop an action plan to implement new strategies and ideas gained from the course.
  7. Build a network of fellow educators, exchange experiences, and foster collaborative partnerships for future projects and professional growth in the field of outdoor learning and SEL.

Day 1: Understanding Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and its Importance in Outdoor Education

Introduction to social-emotional learning and its impact on student well-being and academic success

Exploring the connection between outdoor learning and SEL

Case studies and best practices in integrating SEL into outdoor education


Day 2: Designing Engaging Outdoor Learning Experiences for SEL


Principles of designing effective outdoor learning activities for social-emotional development

Identifying age-appropriate and curriculum-aligned learning objectives

Hands-on session: Developing lesson plans that integrate SEL competencies


Day 3: Implementing Outdoor Learning Strategies for SEL


Strategies for creating inclusive and safe outdoor learning environments

Practical approaches to fostering self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision-making through outdoor experiences

Collaborative activities and group discussions on adapting outdoor learning for diverse learners


Day 4: Nature-Based Activities for Social-Emotional Growth


Exploring the benefits of nature connection for student well-being

Introduction to nature-based activities, such as mindfulness exercises, storytelling, and creative arts

Site visit or field trip to a nearby outdoor learning space to observe and analyze nature-based activities in practice


Day 5: Reflecting, Evaluating, and Planning for Future Implementation


Reflective session on personal teaching practices and growth throughout the course

Assessing the effectiveness of outdoor learning experiences for SEL in the classroom

Creating an action plan for integrating outdoor learning and SEL into future teaching practice

Networking opportunities and sharing of resources for ongoing support

Certificates: Presenting course completion certificates to participants as recognition of their successful completion of the course and Erasmus+ documents 

The 5-day course fee per participant is set at 400€, which provides comprehensive coverage for all aspects of the program. This fee includes the following:


  1. Course Materials: Participants will receive all necessary course materials, including handouts, guides, and resources, to support their learning throughout the program.
  2. Administrative Support: Participants will benefit from administrative assistance before, during, and after the course, ensuring a smooth registration process, timely communication, and any necessary follow-up support.
  3. Monitoring and Mentoring: The course fee covers monitoring and mentoring services provided by experienced professionals who will guide participants throughout the program, offering personalized support, feedback, and guidance.
  4. Coffee Breaks: Participants will enjoy refreshments during coffee breaks, fostering networking opportunities and providing a relaxed environment for informal discussions and interactions.
  5. Other Inclusions: The fee also covers any additional services or resources required for the successful implementation of the course, ensuring a comprehensive and fulfilling learning experience.

We strive to ensure that participants receive exceptional value for their investment in the course, with the fee covering a wide range of services and resources that contribute to their professional development and overall satisfaction.

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