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  • 07-11th August 2023 
  • 04-08th September 2023
  • 16-20 October 2023 
  • 6-10th November 2023


Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers training course program is based on both theoretical (%30) and practical aspects (%70) of the use of digital tools in the classroom environment. Participants will learn how to create websites, online assignments, online games and quizzes. This course is designed for ‘hands on approach’. Participants are requested put the information into practice by working in groups and/ or individually.  


Moreover, with the help of recent digital tools, participants will be able to increase their competences on managing virtual classrooms, communicating with parents and  students and creating their own lesson plans using web 2.0 tools and many more! 

By completing this course, participants will;  


• Select the appropriate Web 2.0 tool(s) to integrate into the curriculum producing activities that promote 21st Century Skills.  

• Create their own lesson plans using web 2.0 tools and other software applications to enhance their educational development in the field of technology. 

• Become familiar with effective use of online learning management systems, Edmodo, Moodle, Google Classroom, Padlet, Google Drive, Google education 

tools and many more!  

• Learn how to motivate students and change their ‘traditional’ learning approaches to new and modern approaches that guarantee high quality results.  

• Gain confidence in the use of technology (computers, tablets, online applications and web 2.0 applications as well as online cooperative tools).  

• Learn the basics of terminology of technology, this will help teachers to speak the same language with their students.  

• Improve foreign language and communication skills through meeting with colleagues from different countries


• Day 1 - Monday  

Welcoming and Introduction of the course programme  

Presentation of participants  

Ice-breaking and team building activities  

The basic terminology of technology and recent developments in educational technology  


• Day 2 - Tuesday  

How to prepare your students for the use of technology in the classroom, key points of research and data collection  

Digital Classroom Management tools

Digital Assesment Tools 


• Day 3 - Wednesday  

Digital Games and game based learning

Learning by doing; exercises, activities and developing group projects by using newly introduced technology  


• Day 4 - Thursday  

Digital Storytelling 

Web 2.0 tools to increase engagement and motivation


• Day 5 - Friday  

Video production

Individual/Group work - creating digital content   

Final remarks on Web 2.0 tools and feedbacks  

Exchange of ideas for future collaborations at European level  

Certification of Attendance  

Confirmation of EuroPass Mobility documents 

The 5-day course fee per participant is set at 420€, which provides comprehensive coverage for all aspects of the program. This fee includes the following:


  1. Course Materials: Participants will receive all necessary course materials, including handouts, guides, and resources, to support their learning throughout the program.

  2. Administrative Support: Participants will benefit from administrative assistance before, during, and after the course, ensuring a smooth registration process, timely communication, and any necessary follow-up support.

  3. Monitoring and Mentoring: The course fee covers monitoring and mentoring services provided by experienced professionals who will guide participants throughout the program, offering personalized support, feedback, and guidance.

  4. Coffee Breaks: Participants will enjoy refreshments during coffee breaks, fostering networking opportunities and providing a relaxed environment for informal discussions and interactions.

  5. Other Inclusions: The fee also covers any additional services or resources required for the successful implementation of the course, ensuring a comprehensive and fulfilling learning experience.


We strive to ensure that participants receive exceptional value for their investment in the course, with the fee covering a wide range of services and resources that contribute to their professional development and overall satisfaction.


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