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15-19 MAY 2023 

31 JULY-4 AUGUT 2023 

09-13 OCTOBER 2023 

CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning. That means students learn the content of any subject in a language that is different from their native language. CLIL has emerged in European education scene as an effective method to empower students’ foreign language skills while covering traditional lesson contents.  


In our 5-day teacher training course, we provide teachers a fundamental knowledge on why CLIL is important and how to apply this method in their classroom successfully. Participants will learn about the benefits of CLIL method, how to design CLIL curriculum, student assessment and evaluation with CLIL method. During the training, participants will be introduced necessary ICT tools to implement this method in their classroom. By the end of the training, participants will present their group/individual projects with CLIL.


By completing this course, participants will;  


• Become familiar with Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) 

• Know how to design lessons on CLIL  

• Learn how to integrate essential ICT tools in CLIL  

• Develop communication skills through CLIL  

• Know how to introduce a wider cultural context to content lessons 

• Learn about how to prepare students for future studies and/or working life

• Become familiar with diversifying methods & forms of classroom teaching and learning  

• Improve overall and specific language competence

• Develop multilingual interests and attitudes  

• Become competent on student assessment and evaluation in CLIL 

• Improve foreign language and communication skills through meeting with colleagues from different countries


• Day 1 - Monday  

Welcoming and Introduction of the course programme  

Presentation of participants  

Ice-breaking activities  

Introduction to Content and Language Integrated Learning: what is CLIL and why is CLIL important?  


• Day 2 - Tuesday  

Group discussion: is CLIL for all teachers?  

Why should you incorporate a focus on language in my subject teaching? 

What makes CLIL language learning different from normal language learning? 

How can you teach the new language if your own level is not very high? 


• Day 3 - Wednesday  

Educational technology tools and CLIL  

The 5Cs when teachers are planning a CLIL lesson: Content, Communication, Competences, Community and Cognition  


• Day 4 - Thursday  

How to start CLIL in your school: planning the CLIL curriculum 

Sample CLIL Lessons for primary and secondary school and also VET schools 

CLIL case scenarios: how to teach a CLIL-based module  

Participants will develop a group and/or individual project on CLIL method


• Day 5 - Friday  

Presentation of group/individual projects  

Problems faced and solved by the participants who created the scenario 

Evaluation of the training course, discussion and feedbacks  

Exchange of ideas for future collaborations at European level  

Certification of Attendance  

Confirmation of EuroPass Mobility documents

5 Day Course Fee per person: 400 €  


Total Price Includes;  


- Administrative support before, during and after the training course 

- Course and training materials  

- Certificate of Attendance  

- Confirmation of Europass Mobility Certificate  

- Administrative and Organisational costs  

- Coffee Breaks  


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