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23rd-27th OCTOBER 2023 


This engaging and interactive course is designed to equip educators with essential coaching and mentoring skills to foster professional growth and enhance student achievement. Participants will explore effective strategies, develop practical techniques, and gain valuable insights into building a supportive coaching and mentoring culture within their schools.


Through collaborative learning activities, reflective discussions, and hands-on practice, educators will enhance their ability to inspire, motivate, and empower their colleagues, leading to improved teaching practices and overall school success. From developing effective communication and active listening skills to facilitating reflective practices and providing constructive feedback, this course will empower educators to inspire, motivate, and empower their colleagues, leading to improved teaching practices and ultimately benefiting the students they serve.


By the end of the course, participants will not only enhance their coaching and mentoring abilities but also strengthen their intercultural communication skills, foreign language proficiency, and cross-cultural understanding. Through this holistic approach, educators will be equipped to create a supportive coaching culture within their schools that promotes professional growth, intercultural competence, and fosters a sense of collaboration.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:


  1. Understand the concepts and principles of coaching and mentoring in the educational context.
  2. Identify and apply effective coaching and mentoring techniques to support colleagues' professional development.
  3. Enhance communication and active listening skills in a multicultural setting, fostering intercultural understanding and collaboration
  4. Develop strategies to provide constructive feedback and facilitate reflective practices.
  5. Foster a culture of collaboration and professional growth within their schools.
  6. Utilize coaching and mentoring skills to promote student achievement and well-being.
  7. Strengthen intercultural communication skills, foreign language proficiency, and cross-cultural understanding
  8. Improve foreign language skills by engaging in collaborative activities and discussions with fellow educators from different European countries.

5-Day Course Program (30 hours/week):


Day 1: Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring


Key concepts, benefits, and applications in an educational context.

Understanding different coaching styles.

Active Listening and Effective Communication Skills

Strategies for building trust and rapport in coaching relationships.

Pairing up and engaging in active listening exercises.


Day 2: The Art of Questioning


Types of questions, their impact, and how to ask powerful questions in coaching conversations.

Giving Constructive Feedback

Techniques for providing feedback that promotes growth and development.

Peer Coaching Practice

Role-plays to practice questioning techniques and constructive feedback.


Day 3: Coaching Tools and Models


Coaching Conversations

Structure and techniques for conducting effective coaching conversations.

Introduction to various coaching frameworks to guide the coaching process.

Case Studies

Analyzing real-life coaching scenarios and applying coaching models.

Reflecting on coaching conversations and identifying areas for improvement.


Day 4: Mentoring in Education


Understanding the role of a mentor and the key responsibilities.

Mentoring Strategies

Techniques for providing guidance, support, and professional development opportunities.

Building a Mentoring Program

Designing and implementing a mentoring program in schools.

Group Discussion

Sharing ideas and experiences related to mentoring practices.


Day 5: Creating a Coaching Culture


Coaching for Student Success

Utilizing coaching techniques to support student achievement and well-being.

Strategies for fostering a supportive coaching culture within schools.

Action Planning

Developing individual action plans to implement coaching and mentoring practices in participants' own schools.

Course Reflection and Evaluation

Reflecting on the course experience, sharing insights, and discussing future steps.

Certificates & Erasmus+ documents 


Please note that the program can be adjusted based on the specific needs and time constraints of the participants.

The 5-day course fee per participant is set at 420€, which provides comprehensive coverage for all aspects of the program. This fee includes the following:


  1. Course Materials: Participants will receive all necessary course materials, including handouts, guides, and resources, to support their learning throughout the program.

  2. Administrative Support: Participants will benefit from administrative assistance before, during, and after the course, ensuring a smooth registration process, timely communication, and any necessary follow-up support.

  3. Monitoring and Mentoring: The course fee covers monitoring and mentoring services provided by experienced professionals who will guide participants throughout the program, offering personalized support, feedback, and guidance.

  4. Coffee Breaks: Participants will enjoy refreshments during coffee breaks, fostering networking opportunities and providing a relaxed environment for informal discussions and interactions.

  5. Other Inclusions: The fee also covers any additional services or resources required for the successful implementation of the course, ensuring a comprehensive and fulfilling learning experience.


We strive to ensure that participants receive exceptional value for their investment in the course, with the fee covering a wide range of services and resources that contribute to their professional development and overall satisfaction.

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