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23-27 October 2023 


English for Teachers course is designed to improve language skill and to enhance intercultural communication skills of teachers, education professionals and trainers. Our workshops consist of different levels of English language and culture sessions. During the course, participants will improve their vocabulary and grammar knowledge on English language and they will work in collaboration to enhance their speaking, listening and writing skills. This course is delivered by native English teachers and is designed with a practice-oriented teaching method in which you can put it into practice of what you have learned during the course. By the end of the course, participants will gain fluency in speaking, writing and listening of English language.

By completing this course, participants will;  


- Become familiar with linguistic, educational and cultural aspects of learning a foreign language  

- Become fluent in speaking English  

- Enhance their written expression and comprehension  

- Improve their listening skills  

- Enhance their English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and oral expression 

- Become familiar with Content and Language Integrated Learning activities 

- Improve their soft skills such as communication, collaboration and creativity through working in groups  

- Promote European cooperation in the field of education within the framework of the Erasmus+ program by partnership building 

Classes take place Monday to Sunday in the Morning (9:30 – 13:30)


Based on participants proficiency level of English, we will provide content on A1 -  beginner level; A2 - lower intermediate level, B1 - intermediate level; B2 - upper  intermediate level and C1 - advanced level.  


A1 and A2 - Beginner and Lower Intermediate level of English  

Introducing yourself and meeting other people;  

Describe people, objects, places, situations, weather, market, clothes and shopping

Make suggestions, give advices  

Time, dates, numbers, routines and habits  

Describe the seasons, transport, cities, countries and possession  

Describe and narrate experiences and events in the past  

Talk about the future and plans  

Give directions and instructions  


B1 and B2 - Intermediate and Upper Intermediate level of English  

Express your desires and feelings  

Talk about hypothetical situations and express and justify your opinions. 

Discuss fictional stories  

Describe emotions and give advice, respond to the news and current events  

Describe achievements and discuss the environment and social issues  

Participate in discussions and describe your viewpoint.  

Retell stories in other peoples’ words  

Give detailed and accurate explanations of preferences, descriptions, personal experiences  

Discuss future hopes and plans  

Discuss the arts and culture  


C1 - Advanced level of English  

Be able to understand a wide variety of discourses: literary texts, films, scholarly articles, television, etc  

Produce clear speech, fluent and well-structured with a controlled use of organisational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices  

Express yourself with ease, spontaneity and effectiveness in social, academic and professional scenarios  

Learn to overcome communication problems with discretion  

5 Day Course Fee per person: 400 €  


Total Price Includes;  


- Administrative support before, during and after the training course 

- Course and training materials  

- Certificate of Attendance  

- Confirmation of Europass Mobility Certificate  

- Administrative and Organisational costs  

- Coffee Breaks  

- School Visits (if scheduled in advance)  


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