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We are looking for Secondary School teachers (12-18 years old students) for a Job Shadowing experience in Barcelona.

If you already have an approved Erasmus+ project for staff mobility, you can contact us by email

Enhanced Teaching Techniques: Observe and learn a variety of effective teaching methods and classroom management strategies used by experienced secondary school teachers.

Understanding Curriculum Implementation: Gain insight into how the secondary school curriculum is designed, planned, and implemented, including integrating subjects and differentiated instruction.

Classroom Management Skills: Develop practical skills in managing a secondary classroom, including behavior management, maintaining student engagement, and fostering a positive learning environment.

Student Engagement Strategies: Learn innovative strategies for engaging young learners, including the use of interactive activities, technology, and collaborative projects.

Assessment and Evaluation: Understand different assessment methods used to evaluate student progress and how to use assessment data to inform instruction and support student learning.

Cultural Competence: Experience the cultural dynamics of a secondary school, including working with diverse student populations and understanding the role of cultural sensitivity in education.

Professional Collaboration: Enhance skills in collaborating with colleagues, sharing best practices, and participating in professional learning communities within the school setting.

Day 1: Monday

Introduction and Observation

Welcome and orientation with the principal and mentor teacher. Overview of the school's mission, vision, and policies.

Classroom observation of the mentor teacher. Focus on teaching techniques and classroom management strategies.


Day 2: Tuesday

Interactive Teaching and Learning

Observe and assist with morning routines and interactive lessons, focusing on student engagement strategies.

Participate in small group activities or centers, assisting students with their tasks.

Debrief with the mentor teacher to discuss assessment techniques and their impact on instruction.


Day 3: Wednesday

Special Programs and Support Services

Observe special programs such as art, music, or physical education classes. Note how these are integrated into the overall curriculum.

Meet with support staff (e.g., special education, school counselor) to understand their roles and how they support student learning and well-being.


Day 4: Thursday

Classroom Engagement and Management

Engage with students during morning lessons. Take on a more active role by assisting with instruction and classroom activities.

Focus on classroom management strategies. Observe how the teacher handles various classroom situations and maintains a positive learning environment.


Day 5: Friday

Teaching Practice

Co-teach a lesson with the mentor teacher. Apply what you have learned throughout the week.

Receive feedback from the mentor teacher and reflect on the teaching experience.

Final reflection session with the mentor teacher and principal. Discuss key learnings, areas for improvement, and next steps.

Farewell and certificate presentation

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