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Drama in education gives students an opportunity to use their own personality and creativity in their learning process. These activities draw on the students’ imagination and memory, and natural capacity to bring to life their experiences that might never otherwise emerge. Each student brings a different life, a different background into the class. We would like students to be able to use this when working with others. Students also develop empathy through role-play activities and increase their capacity of self-expression.  


The main purpose of our 5-day teacher training course on Drama Techniques in Classroom Management, is to provide participants appropriate tools to enhance  students’ motivation and engagement by using drama techniques. During the training, participants will deepen their knowledge on how to use drama to manage a classroom  and to resolve a conflict. This course is designed through ‘learning by doing’ approach in which participants will be introduced vast variety of activities and theory behind the practice. Participants will acquire necessary skills to implement what they have learned into their own classroom environment. 

By completing this course, participants will;  


• Understand the importance of applying drama techniques in a classroom setting 

• Develop self-expression and self-awareness in an educational context 

• Explore empathy and describing feelings through drama  

• Deepen their knowledge on whole-person learning process and multi-sensory inputs  

• Create their own lesson plans through incorporating drama techniques 

• Teach any subject by applying drama tools: languages, art, science, maths, etc. 

• Improve their skills on role play situations to model and observe 

• Overcome the challenges when applying drama techniques in a classroom 

• Integrate of verbal and non-verbal communication into learning process 

• Restore the balance between the mind and the body  

• Plan and produce teaching materials of drama  

• Learn to become a facilitator in classroom drama activities  

• Improve foreign language and communication skills through meeting with colleagues from different countries 

Classes take place Monday to Friday in the Morning (9:30 – 13:30) or in the Afternoon (14:30 – 18:30) 


• Day 1 - Monday  

Welcoming and Introduction of the course programme  

Presentation of participants  

Ice-breaking activities  

What is drama in education?  

What do we mean by drama techniques?  

Self expression and describing feelings  

Mind - body connection and expression  

The balance between physical and intellectual aspects of learning  


• Day 2 - Tuesday  

‘Drama is doing’  

Self-awareness and the awareness of others, self-esteem and confidence 

Whole-person learning and multi-sensory inputs  

Verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication  

Role-play activities: exploring empathy through drama and observing new behaviours 

Using drama as a communicative approach: ’Fluency than accuracy’ 

Sensing the thoughts, feelings and experiences of others: ‘In my shoes’ 


• Day 3 - Wednesday  

Group discussion: Using drama as a tool for classroom management 

Conflict resolution in a classroom: ’Teachers are facilitators’  

Planning and production of teaching materials; classroom resources, technological assistance  

Lesson planning using drama techniques, barriers in teaching various subjects with drama  

Class becomes more of a learner-centred rather than a teacher centred 

Challenges and how to overcome them - time limitations, physical space, materials and resources  


• Day 4 - Thursday  

Group activity: Improvise a scene that expresses the topic or that might have happened in history 

Drama and Soft Skills 

Drama and Creativity, Improvisation: Collaborative Group Work 

Creative writing and Storytelling as a way of self-expression and motivation in a classroom 

Acting in a classroom environment, responsibilities, empathy, tolerance, motivation and engagement 

Participants will develop a lesson plan in groups or individually that incorporates any drama technique into a selected subject such as languages, maths, science etc.  


• Day 5 - Friday  

Exploring imagination and creativity  

Presentation of group/individual lesson plans and receive feedbacks 

Tips to apply drama techniques in your professional and daily life. 

Evaluation of the training course, discussion and feedbacks  

Exchange of ideas for future collaborations at European level  

Certification of Attendance  

Confirmation of EuroPass Mobility documents

5 Day Course Fee per person: 400 €  


Total Price Includes;  

- Administrative support before, during and after the training course 

- Course and training materials  

- Certificate of Attendance  

- Confirmation of Europass Mobility Certificate  

- Administrative and Organisational costs  

- Coffee Breaks  

- School Visits (if scheduled in advance)  


 * For additional services such as accommodation, guided city tours, airport and local transfers etc. contact us via e-mail:

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